Fortinet’s Vice President of Strategic Programs, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, recently hosted a webinar called “Implementing Security with Digital Transformation Initiatives.”  This talk touched on why digital transformation is so crucial across industries, as well as the technological capabilities organizations need to adopt in order to ensure a successful digital transformation.   [Read More]
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If you're looking to create a comprehensive approach to network security that includes everything from your mobile workers and remote offices to your headquarters and data centers, you'll need a security platform that is powerful, easy to manage and protects you from the latest threats. This seminar will discuss today's security threats and the technologies and techniques you'll need at the different levels of a distributed enterprise. The presentation will describe best practices for each of the following components of a distributed enterprise... [Read More]
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Webinar Registration Link: http://goo.gl/BfuIJ Starting out as simple denial of service assaults launched from a single computer, DDoS attacks have emerged with the proliferation of botnets and evolved into one of the most significant and prevalent threats on the security landscape—a trend Verizon calls in its 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report “more frightening than other threats, whether real or imagined.” The evolving nature of DDoS technologies will require organizations to make a paradigm shift that entails greater foresight... [Read More]
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Windows 8 has added some new security features such as bundled AV (Windows Defender) but still lacks a robust connectivity and security agent can recognize off network policy and protect against advanced threats. Webinar Registration Link: http://goo.gl/LfEXS [Read More]
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PCI mandates have forced retailers to take a hard look at their network security. As a retailer, how do you securely protect store data from malware and other Internet-based attacks? How do you secure a retail location with many different network security functionalities while also being cautious of space limitations? Is a wireless infrastructure feasible both from a security standpoint and from a budgetary perspective? Find out the answers to these questions by attending the Fortinet webinar "Cashing in on Network Security: PCI with ROI in a Retail... [Read More]
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Information security is a top priority for many organizations today due to the significant security breaches that made headlines in 2009. Security threats are changing and becoming more targeted, making organizations more vulnerable to new attacks. Because of this, planning for 2010 is more important than ever. Next week, Anthony James of Fortinet will participate in a Webinar hosted by Fidelity National Information Services and will discuss the top information security issues of 2009, emerging threats and trends to look for in 2010 and a solution... [Read More]
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