This year, I participated to Insomni'hack's CTF with the 3 other (remote) members of the pic0wn team. I'll address the challenges I personally solved in the next few posts: this post concerns a Web and a Forensic challenge, next post concerns iOS challenges. You'll see for yourselves that some challenges were really easy. To be perfectly honest, I found that some challenges were really _too_ easy, but the organizers' idea was that everyone should have fun, and I certainly agree with this, so after all... Alert: the following... [Read More]
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Recently, IDC released their latest forecast and vendor share report of the "Worldwide Web Security 2013-2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares." According to IDC, the worldwide Web security market reached $2 billion in 2012. It's worthwhile to note that this is a highly competitive field with a lot of vendor offerings in this space. And why? Because Web security plays an important role in any organizations' "defense in depth" posture. As IDC defines it, Web security includes such products as URL filtering, web antimalware, web application... [Read More]
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