I'm back from Hacktivity 2015, a big hacking and industrial event in Budapest (Hungary), where I was presenting an update of my research on the Fitbit Flex tracker (slides). It seems several people in the audience were wearing a sports wristband ;) Fitness Trackers at my talk at Hacktivity For your information, I will be presenting on the same topic at Hack.lu next week, but let's say 70% of the presentation will be *different* as I am not focusing on the same aspects. Tamas Szakaly - Shall we play a game? Tamas gave an interesting... [Read More]
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La Nuit du Hack is a major French hacking event I attended last Saturday in Paris. The organization is amazing and there is a ton to do there (provided you've had enough sleep in the last few days): bug bounties, wargame, hack4kids and talks of course. I will not be commenting my own talk (on Android malware statistics) as that would sound like a 'blog selfie'. If you have missed it though, you can watch it here (live stream - starts around 2:05) or grab the slides. Rather, I'll shortly explain wargame in connection with my slides.... [Read More]
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