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Over the last 18-24 months the embrace of public cloud for critical workloads has transitioned from the “investigative” stage to “plan of record” for the majority of organizations.  Still, mysteries and major questions remain – especially when it comes to securing your cloud workloads.  Microsoft understands the needs of their customers to secure their cloud workload and has developed a great toolset to make securing Microsoft Azure simple and straightforward – Azure Security Center (ASC).  ASC... [Read More]
by RSS Warren Wu  |  Aug 05, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
We are entering (arguably we have already entered) a digitally bound world where business, service and information flow is bountiful. In parallel, threats have been very active: we have seen a constant increase in malicious code even after a heavy spike in 2007. This increasing trend has carried over into 2009. Most of this increase is simply a flood of variants using packing techniques, server side polymorphism, obfuscation, etc. However, there are always new threats coming out to play. Scareware, ransomware, social networking worms, mobile platform... [Read More]
by RSS Derek Manky  |  Apr 16, 2009  |  Filed in: Security Research