Recently, a new malware for iOS devices was discovered apparently part of the Pawn Storm operation. We've investigated. Update 2015/02/19: The BuildMachineOSBuild is actually shared with 9 other Mac devices, so the author may have been working also on a MacBook Air 11'', MacBook Pro 15'' etc. The following features of Pawn Storm apparently do not require jailbreak: getting phone info (device model etc), test existence of jailbreak, list running processes, get wifi status, geolocation. Some other features don't... [Read More]
by RSS Axelle Apvrille  |  Feb 13, 2015  |  Filed in: Security Research
The FortiGuard Labs had a wonderful time at VB2013 where we saw some amazing talks by some amazing people. you can click here for our recap During our time there, our very own Axelle Apvrille spoke on research she conducted with her colleague Karine de Ponteves. The piece explores how pervasive mobile advertising kits have become in our personal lives. The slides are available here (soon!). How do these advertisers get such a detailed glimpse at our lives? Well, as slides 8, 11 and 12 say, they are retrieved either from the people themselves... [Read More]
by RSS Guillaume Lovet  |  Oct 15, 2013  |  Filed in: Security Research