Fortinet recently identified five factors that are driving these changes in the cyberthreat landscape. Each of them makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to protect their networks, data, and communications from malicious actors. [Read More]
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Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) usually start off with using a common tactic, which is through a spear phishing email. Disguised as coming from a well-known organization, the email certainly draws the user's attention, as seen in the one that I've recently received. Figure 1: Spear phishing email The unsuspecting user may open up the attached ZIP file and double click the extracted file, which turns out to be malware. This particular malware, which we detect as W32/Bublik.BDYG!tr, is found to be a simple downloader which is relatively small... [Read More]
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Edward Snowden has revealed new information concerning the cryptographic capabilities of the NSA and GCHQ (TheGuardian, ProRepublica, leaking documents...). The CryptoGirl was bound to look into that topic ;) Let's go straight to the point and answer simple questions. Is cryptography unsecure? No, I don't think so. Basically, cryptography is maths (prime numbers, finite fields, polynomials...), and maths are solid science with proofs and demonstrations. Cryptographic algorithms are only seldom broken (e.g MD5). What's quite often "broken" are... [Read More]
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Kim DotCom aka 'The Internet's Most Wanted Man' continues to stay in the news, even a year and a half after the takedown of his filesharing website Megaupload Limited. Just last week, he released a video containing CCTV footage of the FBI Raid on the DotCom mansion in January, 2012, ending in a not-so-subtle reference to Scarface. Exactly 5 months back, on what 'coincidentially' happened to be the one-year anniversary of the takedown of Megaupload, DotCom made a comeback with his new and improved file sharing service Mega. In case you've forgotten... [Read More]
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