Globally operating financial services firms have to be aware of new cybersecurity regulations and how they affect their business in order to navigate data rules and remain compliant, especially as they conduct business across borders. Compliance is especially crucial as the punishments for noncompliance typically include large fines. Below are some of the most recent implemented or proposed cybersecurity regulations that will affect financial services firms. [Read More]
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Personally identifiable information — the words are tossed around constantly in the news, by security folk and, with increasing frequency, by any organization forced to disclose a data breach. When used in the latter context, personally identifiable information (PII)— data that could be used for identity theft purposes— had somehow been exposed or had gotten into the hands of cybercriminals. But what does the term mean exactly? What are the implications of its loss these days? And how can it be protected? At its root, PII simply means... [Read More]
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