Our patent reward program open to all employees is a huge part of why Fortinet has reached another innovation milestone - more than 343 patents issued worldwide, with more pending. [Read More]
by RSS Darren Turnbull  |  Nov 22, 2016  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
Despite Trend Micro’s history of patent aggression, reliable sources are indicating that Trend’s patents at issue may be invalid which is a positive development for Fortinet. In December 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO) issued office actions on the two related Trend Micro patents (5,623,600 and 5,889,943), rejecting every claim as invalid. This finding is consistent with the opinion of the staff attorney at the International Trade Commission in the Barracuda Networks case that Trend’s ‘600 patent is invalid. Despite... [Read More]
by RSS Patrick Bedwell  |  Apr 01, 2011  |  Filed in: Security Research
As a follow-up to my earlier blog post on the subject of Trend Micro's history of patent aggression, there are a couple recent developments worth noting: First, on September 16, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO) issued a formal order granting Fortinet's petition to re-examine the validity of Trend Micro's patent on antivirus functionality, the 5,623,600 patent, stating that a “substantial new question of patentability” exists with respect to the patent based on prior art currently being considered by the US PTO. Second,... [Read More]
by RSS Patrick Bedwell  |  Sep 23, 2010  |  Filed in: Security Research
The security industry is full of some of the best innovators that enterprise technology has ever seen. Security requires rapid, well-executed innovation due to the ever-changing threats from the hacker community. Without security innovation, companies and individuals sit defenseless against new threats from cyber criminals. However, there has been a looming dark threat to security innovators -- Trend Micro has a long history of aggressively pursuing competitors with what has turned out to be considered an invalid patent. The good news is that a... [Read More]
by RSS Patrick Bedwell  |  Jun 02, 2010  |  Filed in: Security Research