La Nuit du Hack is a major French hacking event I attended last Saturday in Paris. The organization is amazing and there is a ton to do there (provided you've had enough sleep in the last few days): bug bounties, wargame, hack4kids and talks of course. I will not be commenting my own talk (on Android malware statistics) as that would sound like a 'blog selfie'. If you have missed it though, you can watch it here (live stream - starts around 2:05) or grab the slides. Rather, I'll shortly explain wargame in connection with my slides.... [Read More]
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A few weeks ago, researchers at INRIA presented privacy leaks they had detected in the mobile RATP applications at GreHack conference (NB. RATP is the French organism that deals with subways and trains around Paris). I wanted to check how much things had changed since their study, and downloaded the most recent application from Google Play. First surprise: I downloaded version 2.3.3 whereas INRIA researchers mention version 2.8. I guess there is some versioning discrepancy. Now, what privacy changes have we got? Mainly, Achara et al reported... [Read More]
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