[Editor’s Note: While this post is primarily concerned with Fortinet firewalls, particularly the FortiGate 3700D, it also serves as useful background for anyone considering different deployment scenarios for data center firewalls.] Nestling somewhere near the top of the Fortinet product portfolio is the FortiGate 3700D. Whilst it is generally pitched as a data centre firewall, it is a good deal more flexible than your average big dumb packet pusher. It may be deployed in ultra-low latency, very high capacity, and dedicated Unified Threat... [Read More]
by RSS Glen Kemp  |  May 26, 2015  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
With the recent announcement of the new FortiGate 300D, 500D, and new blades for the 5000 series chassis, Fortinet continues our roll-out of the NP6 processor across the FortiGate portfolio. The NP6 processor is the "beating heart" of the FortiGate firewall; like something from science fiction, there is often more than one of them. While the headline performance figures from the NP6 are impressive, a good design and pragmatic implementation are the keys to a successful implementation. What Makes the NP6 Special or Important? The demands placed... [Read More]
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