With industry-specific compliance requirements driving security spending and deployment, it’s natural to assume that best practices for securing access to sensitive data are different from vertical to vertical. However, that assumption may be changing.  [Read More]
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GamaPoS has received a fair amount of attention since its discovery, in part because the use of .NET is (currently) unique among PoS malware and in part because it leverages the versatile Andromeda botnet. At its core, though, GamaPoS is a scraper designed to steal payment data from the RAM of PoS systems.  GamaPoS is the first documented PoS malware to be written in .NET. Malware written in .NET comes with its advantages and its disadvantages, both for authors and researchers. The most obvious benefit for its authors is that it... [Read More]
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Microsoft published their monthly advanced notification for critical and important patches, and this month Microsoft will deploy patches that cover Windows, Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, SharePoint and FrontPage. Microsoft will make 14 patches available for their customers. The patches will be made available to the general public this Tuesday, September 10. Bulletin 1: Rated Critical - affects Office and Server software: may allow remote code execution. Patch may require a reboot. Bulletin 2: Rated Critical - affects Office: may allow... [Read More]
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