In 1974 a 13-year old boy named David Dennis discovered that he could lock up a PLATO terminal by making an external request when no external device was present. This prompted David, a student at University High school in Champaign Illinois, to write a program that could send the request to multiple PLATO terminals at once. He first launched the program on a nearby university computer lab, forcing 31 frustrated students to restart their PLATO terminals. The Denial of Service attack was born. In early 2000s the attacks used to be spoofed. Over... [Read More]
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Since the dawn of the personal computer, the words “teenage” and “hacker” have often been inextricably linked. And classic films such as "Hackers," "Sneakers" and "Wargames," –not to mention one of the greatest hackers in pop culture Ed from the anime “Cowboy Bebop”-- about young hackers who find themselves in precarious situations involving government and espionage operations, serve to reinforce images of brilliant, misunderstood youth who in the end use their computer acumen to fight the bad guys and save the day. But, as... [Read More]
by RSS Stefanie Hoffman  |  May 23, 2012  |  Filed in: Industry Trends, the notorious bulletin board site that has served as the premier dumping ground for Anonymous, Lulzsec and other groups, is planning to be a bit more judicious about what it lets pass through its gates, according to the BBC. The public white board was purchased by Jeroen Vader, a 28-year-old Dutch entrepreneur, who bought the site from its original owner in 2010. Since then, Vader has grown the site exponentially, attracting some 17 million unique visitors a month, up from around 500,000 Of course, it's not entirely off the mark... [Read More]
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