Fortinet has partnered with INTERPOL over the past two years to assist in identifying and thwarting cybercrime. Today, INTERPOL announced that a new operation across the ASEAN region, built around threat intelligence provided by Fortinet and other public and private sector security organizations, has resulted in the identification of nearly 9,000 Command and Control (C2) servers and hundreds of compromised websites, including government portals. [Read More]
by RSS Bill McGee  |  Apr 24, 2017  |  Filed in: Security Research
This post originally appeared as a byline in Dark Reading. For cyber intelligence sharing to work, organizations need two things: to trust each other, and better processes to collect, exchange, and act on information quickly. As cyberthreats become more sophisticated and expand to the Cloud and the Internet of Things, the sharing of meaningful threat intel between trusted organizations has become more critical than ever before.  At Fortinet this year, our teams witnessed the benefits of info sharing first hand as part of a joint... [Read More]
by RSS Derek Manky  |  Nov 17, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Cybercrime has no borders and the best way to combat the creativity and negative impact of adversaries is partnership based on actionable intelligence from wide and diverse sources. Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist at Fortinet, talks about the successful information cooperation between Fortinet and INTERPOL and also his thoughts on the importance of cybersecurity information sharing in general today. What did Fortinet announce today? Essentially our threat data helped the authorities effectively catch a global cyber criminal gang. What... [Read More]
by RSS John Welton  |  Jul 29, 2016  |  Filed in: Business and Technology, Security Q & A
There was an intriguing post over at KrebsOnSecurity last week that involved the site tracking down the Russia-based author of a tool designed to help cyberthieves evade fraud detection systems. (Yes, such tools certainly have legitimate IT purposes, but that's not how this tool was being positioned and sold.) The point of the Krebs piece was how relatively easy it was to find this guy, despite the targeted one doing a decent job of keeping quiet. But there's a much more frightening point for security and IT people in general: Cyberthieves... [Read More]
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