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For many of us in the Security Industry, the possibility of using Internet of Things (IoT) devices as a launchpad for an attack has been mostly theoretical. However, information obtained after the massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the services offered by appears to show that the threat is real and immediate. The definition of IoT is often a little vague. Generally speaking, I consider any device with an IP address associated with it to be some sort of an IoT device, though not all of them are problems. The ones... [Read More]
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This was my first time at DefCamp in Romania, and it was definitely a good experience. DefCamp was an interesting mixture of not so technical talks (but with acute insights) and technical ones. Among the "not so technical" ones, I liked the following: Do Tinder bots dream of electric toys? Tinder is a match-making/dating application. Inbar Raz decided to test it. He created a profile according to online guidelines (images with animals, images looking official, etc.) and quickly got many matches. turned out that they... [Read More]
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26 Connected Devices Per Human by 2020 Changes the Security Equation: How to Make Sure Your Network is Prepared We seem to be hearing about the Internet of Things (IOT) and the security challenges related to it everywhere these days… While there is no denying that IP-based connectivity continues to become more and more pervasive, this is not a fundamentally new thing. What is new is that the target audience is changing and connectivity is becoming much more personal. Connectivity is no longer limited to high -nd technology consumers... [Read More]
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Innovations in wireless and computing technology are driving the growth of connectivity between devices and appliances throughout the home, office, car, store, or practically any place that has a Wi-Fi connection. Known as ubiquitous computing, the reach of interconnected devices is widespread and ever expanding, providing opportunities for ground-breaking new services that improve safety, security, reliability, and convenience. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the growth of ubiquitous computing and network connections also creates new vulnerabilities... [Read More]
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Twenty billion new connected devices in the coming year. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is growing massively. And so are the threats. Roger Bailey Healthcare Solutions Architect at Fortinet spoke with us at HIMSS 2016 about the emerging “Internet of Threats” – the exponentially expanding range of options for would-be hackers to infiltrate device-laden healthcare organizations. Among the most notable risk factors, he says, are “headless” devices – medical tools located on the network that can become... [Read More]
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is projecting incredible growth in the near future—with an estimated 20+ billion devices expected to be connected in the next four years alone. This rapid expansion will afford opportunities to all sorts of businesses and organizations—including those with nefarious intents. Each year, researchers discover somewhere between five and seven thousand network vulnerabilities—and that range has held steady over the last few years. But with this explosion of IoT devices and vendors under way, we’re... [Read More]
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Summary In March 2015, a Network Configuration Leak vulnerability was disclosed to Ring as part of FortiGuard's Responsible Disclosure process. The vulnerability existed on their first internet-connected doorbell, Doorbot v1.0 but other posts on the subject show that the vulnerability was ported on newer versions of the connected doorbell as well. The vulnerability had been granted CVE-2015-4400: DoorBot Network Configuration Leak. We have issued an Advisory and IPS signatures (DoorBot.Network.Configuration.Leak) for the same. We... [Read More]
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(Author's disclaimer: I originally pitched this as a humor piece, but the more I wrote, despite the light-hearted tone, the more serious I realized this is/was/will be.)  In Chapter II of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Alice, having eaten a small cake labeled "Eat Me" but with no other instructions or advisories, finds herself growing so tall that she considers communicating with her feet by mail, using the address:     Alice's Right Foot, Esq.        Hearthrug,    ... [Read More]
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The internet is built on a flawed design – this is actually well known. The whole network security industry grew because of this weak foundation. Let's not build the Internet of Things (IoT) on yet another flawed design.  The number of connected devices is growing quickly. Some experts estimate that there will be nearly 50 billion connected devices by 2020. A network of compromised IoT devices can be misused for DDoS attacks, cyber warfare, spying, reconnaissance, spreading malware, coordinating advance persistent... [Read More]
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Recently, Beam Technologies announced it would be creating a dental insurance around its connected toothbrushes. Nest also announced it was teaming up with another insurance company, American Family. As a matter of fact, for the better and the worst, this is exactly the kind of connection which is going to raise interest in hacking and/or infecting connected objects. Insurance Fraud. Imagine a fire started at home because one of your halogen lamps set fire to your curtains in the dining room. But you'd rather blame an issue with your oven... [Read More]
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