incidence response

Securing networks has been a serious challenge ever since DEC salesman Gary Thuerk sent the first spam message to 400 unsuspecting users of the ARPANET back in 1978. Sure, security devices have become more sophisticated over time, and their evolution is a fascinating subject. But they all tend to suffer from a common problem: because they are a siloed technology, they can only solve the problem sitting right in front of them. This is one of the reasons why, in spite of the millions being spent on security by today’s organizations, the incidents... [Read More]
by RSS John Maddison  |  Sep 26, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
This month on the security threat landscape, our very own Derek Manky made a visit to Network World in Boston to discuss in-person, with Keith Shaw, the FIRST conference and all the latest trends in the threat landscape. [Read More]
by RSS Michael Perna  |  Jun 30, 2014  |  Filed in: Security Research