As healthcare providers adopt digital capabilities, traditional WANs are not equipped to keep up. Learn why SD-WANs are a better option, and how to secure them. [Read More]
by RSS Nirav Shah  |  Feb 16, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
Ransomware attacks are becoming more prolific in the healthcare sector to great cost. Learn how much ransomware really costs healthcare, as well as the best defense strategies. [Read More]
by RSS Susan Biddle  |  Aug 24, 2017  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Our healthcare systems, from EHR to medical devices, are more vulnerable than many of us realize. And the stakes are too high to ignore. Even within the healthcare industry, few people realize just how vulnerable many of our systems are to cyberattack. We talk about protected health information (PHI) and HIPAA compliance, we worry about penalties under new Omnibus rules and the HITECH Act, but few organizations see themselves as targets for the sophisticated attacks that have wreaked havoc for the likes of Home Depot and Sony. We’re just... [Read More]
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Personally identifiable information — the words are tossed around constantly in the news, by security folk and, with increasing frequency, by any organization forced to disclose a data breach. When used in the latter context, personally identifiable information (PII)— data that could be used for identity theft purposes— had somehow been exposed or had gotten into the hands of cybercriminals. But what does the term mean exactly? What are the implications of its loss these days? And how can it be protected? At its root, PII simply means... [Read More]
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