Ph0wn, a CTF dedicated to smart devices, is over! It was a real success, with ~70 participants for this first editions. 16 teams of (a max of) 5 lined up for the competition. 11 teams managed to score in at least one challenge - we are sorry for the 5 remaining teams, but hope they had fun nevertheless. Of course, we congratulate the top 3 teams, who deserved their drone & raspberry pi gaming kits as prizes. We would also like to extend congratulations to all participants. We enjoyed the team spirit as well as... [Read More]
by RSS Axelle Apvrille  |  Dec 07, 2017  |  Filed in: Security Research
As you surely know by now, Apple has announced its iPhone 5S would include a fingerprint sensor. In a first blog post, we discussed its use as a second form of authentication, and in another post, the fact the sensor scans sub-epidermally. Apple tells us "All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Enclave inside the A7 chip on the iPhone 5s; it's never stored on Apple servers or backed up to iCloud." So, how does the 'Secure Enclave' work, and are we sure our fingerprint will remain locked up in the A7 processor? ARM's... [Read More]
by RSS Axelle Apvrille  |  Sep 16, 2013  |  Filed in: Security Research