I'm back from Hacktivity 2015, a big hacking and industrial event in Budapest (Hungary), where I was presenting an update of my research on the Fitbit Flex tracker (slides). It seems several people in the audience were wearing a sports wristband ;) Fitness Trackers at my talk at Hacktivity For your information, I will be presenting on the same topic at Hack.lu next week, but let's say 70% of the presentation will be *different* as I am not focusing on the same aspects. Tamas Szakaly - Shall we play a game? Tamas gave an interesting... [Read More]
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If you have any interest in Android packers, or how to reverse mobile malware that use such packers, please don't miss Ruchna's upcoming talk at Hacktivity . Android Packers: Separating from the Pack - 11. October 2014. 11:20 - 12:05 If you feel like reading on this topic before, I suggest: our joint paper in Virus Bulletin : "Obfuscation in Android malware and how to fight back" (July 2014). With tools and tips to reverse obfuscated samples. Rowland Yu, "Android Packers: Facing the Challenges, Building the Solutions" at Virus Bulletin Conference,... [Read More]
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Hacktivity opened up with two excellent keynotes: a first one from Charlie Millier, and a second one from Mikko Hypponen. Charlie's keynote ("Mobile threats: Hype vs Reality") fuelled the next two interviews I had that day. Both reporters' first question was whether mobile threats existed for real, or were they just "a hype". As that question is probably on everybody's mind, let me clarify the situation. Mobile exploits. Agreed with Charlie, yes, there are only very few of these, and you can use your mobile phones quite safely without fear... [Read More]
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