This is the second blog in a series titled WhiteHat, chronicling the most pressing questions about what it really means to be a hacker, the moral dilemma that white hat hackers face, and what a profession in cybersecurity is really all about. Read more stories from the hackers at Fortinet here. When you run a search for the term “Hackers” you will most certainly come across (1) the 1995 film Hackers, (2) a lengthy Wikipedia article or disambiguation page, and (3) the timeless book Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution (recommended). Among... [Read More]
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Previously my colleague Wayne talked about an interesting document exploit targeting CVE-2015-1641. In this post, we will talk about who might be behind the attack. We start our correlation with the analysis of the exploit payload - a remote administration tool (RAT) with MD5 6bde5462f45a230edc7e7641dd711505 (detected as MSIL/Agent.QOO!tr). This RAT looks new to us; hence we suspected that it may either be a new RAT family or a custom RAT that was developed for a specific attacker (hacker). It is compiled with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET with... [Read More]
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Though not a phishing cure-all, it’s a good sign that Google is bringing this issue front and center for millions of Chrome users. Remember those Nigerian email scams that hit so many people a decade ago? They were fairly comical, but effective enough to earn a place in Internet lore and more than a few memes. They were also the predecessors of modern phishing schemes, designed to steal credentials, personal information, financial data, and other information. Cybercriminals can then use this data to steal identities, money, intellectual... [Read More]
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If you caught Episode 2 of the new GoT season, you know that Arya Stark is back in all her glory. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the second episode of the new Game of Thrones season. You may have already watched it when it was leaked a week ago or you’re getting ready for RSA and have it DVR’d. Regardless, all you need to know is that Arya Stark makes a few appearances and she rocks out loud. I try not to get too attached to any characters in A Song of Ice And Fire since George R. R. Martin has a penchant for killing them... [Read More]
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The latest big budget release out of Hollywood takes on the very lucrative world of blackhat hacking with the appropriately named, "Blackhat". Fortinet sponsored theaters around North America for a sneak peak at the movie and a look at how hackers have been portrayed through the years. Jonas Tichenor sits down with Fortinet Global Security Strategist, Derek Manky from Universal Studios to show you the event and the myths versus reality!  [Read More]
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It’s time we kicked up our awareness of security issues 3 or 4 notches. This won’t be the first time you hear this statement in an end-of-year retrospective sort of blog: 2014 was a rough year for cybersecurity. 2014 was the year that cybersecurity really hit the mainstream consciousness and for good reason. The list of big brands that got hit hard by hackers this year goes on and on. Ok, enough retrospection. It’s time for a scene from The Matrix: Classic, right? Despite all of the headline-grabbing hacks this year, very few of us know,... [Read More]
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The games have began and we aren't just talking about football. Unsolicited emails: Beware of spam emails that say you're the lucky winner of a lottery for two free tickets to the World Cup, or promises to give you free access to Websites that let you watch the matches live. By clicking on those links, you could be taken to compromised Websites that download malware onto your computer. That malware could be used as a keylogger to retrieve all of your personal information, including passwords and other credentials; it could be used to download... [Read More]
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Since the dawn of the personal computer, the words “teenage” and “hacker” have often been inextricably linked. And classic films such as "Hackers," "Sneakers" and "Wargames," –not to mention one of the greatest hackers in pop culture Ed from the anime “Cowboy Bebop”-- about young hackers who find themselves in precarious situations involving government and espionage operations, serve to reinforce images of brilliant, misunderstood youth who in the end use their computer acumen to fight the bad guys and save the day. But, as... [Read More]
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