As the number of connected devices on networks and subsequent threats increase at a rate that is practically immeasurable, many organizations are making the mistake of fighting fire with fire. They are meeting complexity with complexity -- a moment-to-moment tactical response that reduces their cybersecurity to an inefficient collection of vendors, protocols and operating systems. [Read More]
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In a 2015 article posted by Forbes, it was reported that 87 percent of people hadn’t heard of the term “Internet of Things” (IoT). At that time, Gartner Inc. estimated that there were 4.9 billion connected devices in use. Fast forward to 2017, and Gartner now reports that number has grown  to 8.4 billion, with a look ahead to 2020 predicting that 20.4 billion connected devices will be in use. The IoT has gained traction in day-to-day life by adding new applications and capabilities at a rapid rate, and as this technology begins... [Read More]
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An interesting article appeared in Forbes, "Sandbox Vendors Ignore Microsoft License Agreements," in which the author points out that, in "Microsoft's Customer License Agreement (CLA) for embedded systems... there is no provision for a vendor to ship appliances with multiple virtual instances of Windows, or its popular Office productivity suite. In fact, shipping Windows in a virtualized environment is expressly prohibited." From the article it appears that some vendors, such as FireEye, are violating Microsoft's license agreement with each shipment... [Read More]
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