Not long ago, ransomware was a problem for consumers. Early versions hit unsuspecting users as early as 2005 but, while alarming, weren’t especially difficult to defeat. Even 10 years ago, the enterprise was a very different place than it is today, with BYOD in its infancy and far greater separation between work and personal environments. Ransomware authors also had not really begun to leverage the social engineering tactics that made infection much more likely, even for relatively savvy users.   Fast-forward to 2015 and attackers... [Read More]
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There was an intriguing post over at KrebsOnSecurity last week that involved the site tracking down the Russia-based author of a tool designed to help cyberthieves evade fraud detection systems. (Yes, such tools certainly have legitimate IT purposes, but that's not how this tool was being positioned and sold.) The point of the Krebs piece was how relatively easy it was to find this guy, despite the targeted one doing a decent job of keeping quiet. But there's a much more frightening point for security and IT people in general: Cyberthieves... [Read More]
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It is that time of year again when Fortinet's FortiGuard labs reveals their top threat predictions for the coming year. Below you will find a visual outline of our threat predictions. For the full report please see our Top 10 Threat Predictions for 2014 [Read More]
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Kim DotCom aka 'The Internet's Most Wanted Man' continues to stay in the news, even a year and a half after the takedown of his filesharing website Megaupload Limited. Just last week, he released a video containing CCTV footage of the FBI Raid on the DotCom mansion in January, 2012, ending in a not-so-subtle reference to Scarface. Exactly 5 months back, on what 'coincidentially' happened to be the one-year anniversary of the takedown of Megaupload, DotCom made a comeback with his new and improved file sharing service Mega. In case you've forgotten... [Read More]
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The DNSChanger virus: At the outset it appears to be on par with doomsday Y2K or Conficker worm hysteria. But it’s not. The Internet itself is not going to implode. In fact, the explanation is pretty simple and the fix can be applied in a matter of minutes. That said, come Monday, many users with the DNSChanger virus plaguing their computers will be kicked offline until the nasty bug is removed. The problem reared its ugly head over the last several years when Estonian malware authors created DNSChanger, which—true to its name—rerouted... [Read More]
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