deep packet inspection

(This is a continuation from last week, in which we discussed the distinction between big data and security and how they intersect. ) Most know that the there is often a big disparity between theory and reality. And nowhere is that more evident than when big data and security solutions conflict. In fact, big data concepts often translate to challenges when given practical applications. Let’s look at a few examples provided by Ryan Potter, Fortinet director of security strategy. The Challenges of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Starting... [Read More]
by RSS Stefanie Hoffman  |  Dec 11, 2012  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
****Metaphors aside, it probably goes without saying that office workers are running on more bandwidth these days. More than ever, in between bouts of actual office productivity, desk jockeys are using their systems and mobile devices to shop, play games, stream movies, music and more. But what happens when personal entertainment habits begin to trump actual work-related office apps when it comes to competing for office bandwidth? It could mean an important executive videoconference call only functions in fits and spurts. Or perhaps it’s elongated... [Read More]
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