Network security has traditionally focused on border protection strategies - If you could keep the bad guys out, then your computers, users, and data were safe. As next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and unified threat management (UTM) appliances hit the market, system administrators and security pros found themselves with a pretty effective combination of visibility and protection. Now, though, we’re finding that an increasing number of attacks are coming from inside the network itself. Many of the headline-grabbing breaches in the last... [Read More]
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John Grady is a Research Manager for Security Products and Service at IDC The datacenter is the heart of the enterprise due to its central role across nearly all business processes. In some ways, there's been a reversion back to more centralized IT architecture, leveraging virtualization and cloud technologies to better enable overall business agility. As organizations look to deploy private cloud technologies and further build out next-generation datacenter architectures, the demand for scalable security solutions with integrated management... [Read More]
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