data destruction

Sony is only the most recent of the major corporations with dedicated security teams to get hacked. Bottom line, nobody is immune to emerging threats. 2014 has earned itself the dubious distinction of becoming “Year of the Data Breach”. It’s not as if there weren’t breaches in 2013 (or any other year, for that matter), but this was the year that the issue hit home with millions of consumer records compromised at major retailers. The news of the Target breach broke just before the new year, Nieman Marcus came shortly thereafter, and the... [Read More]
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It's no secret that these days, most organizations are up to their ears in Big Data--and most can't get rid of it fast enough. (Just think tens of millions of computers, housing every piece of data imaginable, from credit card and band records, to healthcare information and blue prints, ripe for the picking in a veritable digital wasteland.) Consequently, business intelligence and analytics, especially with the aim of conducting some type of information triage, is becoming a booming business as organizations madly scour their systems to shed their... [Read More]
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