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It was a morning like lots of others...I was headed to the airport for a week in our home office, so I got an early start, checked on the sheep on the way out (yes, sheep), and got on the road. Aside from being ridiculously early, the ride was uneventful until I got to my exit for the Mass Pike. That's I-90 for those of you outside Massachusetts and, when traffic is good (like at 4:30 in the morning), it's the fastest, easiest way to the airport. And the exit was closed. Well darn. I had Google Maps running, not because I didn't know... [Read More]
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(Author's disclaimer: I originally pitched this as a humor piece, but the more I wrote, despite the light-hearted tone, the more serious I realized this is/was/will be.)  In Chapter II of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Alice, having eaten a small cake labeled "Eat Me" but with no other instructions or advisories, finds herself growing so tall that she considers communicating with her feet by mail, using the address:     Alice's Right Foot, Esq.        Hearthrug,    ... [Read More]
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There was an intriguing post over at KrebsOnSecurity last week that involved the site tracking down the Russia-based author of a tool designed to help cyberthieves evade fraud detection systems. (Yes, such tools certainly have legitimate IT purposes, but that's not how this tool was being positioned and sold.) The point of the Krebs piece was how relatively easy it was to find this guy, despite the targeted one doing a decent job of keeping quiet. But there's a much more frightening point for security and IT people in general: Cyberthieves... [Read More]
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Earlier this week, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) released an advisory regarding the GameOver Zeus P2P Malware. Along with that advisory was a national press release from the US Department of Justice and the FBI that announced a multi-national effort against the GameOver Zeus botnet. GameOver Zeus, a.ka. P2P Zeus, is a sophisticated type of malware that is used by cybercriminals to steal infected hosts' banking information, install other malware, and perform DDoS attacks and other cybercrime-related activities.... [Read More]
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eBay announced today that a breach of their systems has led to the loss of files containing encrypted copies of their users' passwords. At the moment, it's not known how those passwords were encrypted. Of course, it's hoped that each password was individually salted in order to make decryption much more difficult. Other information stolen in the breach include names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. eBay's payment arm, PayPal claims to have been unaffected by the attack, and that PayPal data is "...encrypted and... [Read More]
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We are in the age of information and for the past 25 years the internet has been an awesome force for good. It has created an incredible information economy across networks and won our trust as a viable platform for the exchange of just about anything. However, underneath it all, there is a terrible tempest brewing. In a time when any motivated person can raise a few hundred thousand dollars in crowdfunding, so too can any motivated person find a way to steal it. The hacking economy is booming and the barriers to entry are low. Prerequisite knowledge... [Read More]
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Once upon a time, cybercriminals had their sights set solely on large-scale corporations and national governments to elicit highly profitable returns. No doubt, major organizations still wear a big red X. But with the evolution and proliferation of sophisticated malware, the target pool has broadened to include just about every business. One reason is that the essence of cybercrime has fundamentally changed - in lots of ways. For one, more cybercriminals are equipped with a toolbox of cheap and generic weaponry. And the simplicity and accessibility... [Read More]
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Late last week, Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, working with the FBI and the U.S. courts, took a huge chunk out of the capabilities of the Citadel botnet. Citadel is a ZeuS variant that is responsible for infecting what is believed to be millions of computers across the globe in the hopes of stealing financial information through key logging and form grabbing and using that information to steal money from the bank accounts of infected victims. This latest takedown, known as Operation b54, disrupted the operation of over 1,400 different Citadel... [Read More]
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Botnets for years have been leveraged as a cybercrime tool to commit any variety of nefarious activity ranging from Website defacement and DDoS to the proliferation of malware and theft of sensitive information. Lately, the cyber community can add one more to the list mining the digital currency Bitcoin. In the new Bitcoin heists, the botnets that take over a victim's computer aren't intended to steal a victim's money - although they are certainly capable of doing that, too. However, in the latest shenanigans, the malware compromises a computer... [Read More]
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