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Internet cheating site, Ashley Madison, is making headlines this week across both mainstream and tech media for the data breach that could expose very intimate personal information for 37 million users. As with the AdultFriendFinder hack we reported on back in May, the potential damage to clients is significant. After all, Ashley Madison's slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair." A hacking group known as The Impact Team also stole data from Ashley Madison's sister sites Cougar Life and Established Men. The group is threatening... [Read More]
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As if security advocates didn't have enough headaches, there is a frightening trend of security arguments that sound like they're meaningful but are in reality protecting something that isn't a threat and that users don't care about. It's like a home security company sales rep pushing an anti-burglary system in a high-crime neighborhood. The system, however, only protects against chimney attacks, despite the fact that no such attacks have ever hit that community (or any community for that matter). A few weeks ago, the Lords... [Read More]
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Recently, I wrote about the three vectors of a healthcare cyber attack. This is the second of a three-part series examining each vector in depth. Over the past couple of months, I’ve written about the three vectors of a healthcare cyber attack. Most recently, I looked in depth at the first vector, what we usually think of as “traditional attacks and malware”. These sorts of attacks continue to make headlines, but as healthcare evolves and increasing numbers of medical devices begin feeding data directly into health information... [Read More]
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For the second year in a row, BlackHat Asia was held in Singapore, at the end of March, in the luxury Marina Bay Sands hotel. As usual, the 2 days briefings were fully loaded of plenty of topics. 3 distinct tracks were offered, plus the business track (briefings sponsored by companies) and of course the technical Arsenal rooms. This year Fortinet had a booth, I was asked to help. We had a lot of great conversations with prospective customers and passerby generally interested in industry trends. I was also able to attend some briefings,... [Read More]
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When some people look at a map of Westeros they see a land of war, intrigue, and magic. We see a network security schematic. Seriously. Yes, Season 5 of Game of Thrones is almost here. And yes, we’re at least as excited as you are. Will Stannis Baratheon actually take the North? What new adventures will Arya find when she gets to Braavos? What will be the fallout from Tywin Lannister’s death? Can HBO add even more gratuitous sex and violence that wasn’t in the books? Probably not...the books aren’t exactly up for Caldecott... [Read More]
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The Premera Blue Cross hack is a reminder of the treasure trove healthcare data represents to hackers. Bank account information. Physical addresses. Email addresses. Social Security numbers. Clinical information...All exposed in the latest healthcare cyberattack. This time the target was Premera Blue Cross, a Pacific Northwest health insurer, which reported Tuesday that up to 11 million patient records had been breached. According to Premera, the breach was discovered on January 29th, the same day that Anthem Blue Cross uncovered a breach... [Read More]
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The games have began and we aren't just talking about football. Unsolicited emails: Beware of spam emails that say you're the lucky winner of a lottery for two free tickets to the World Cup, or promises to give you free access to Websites that let you watch the matches live. By clicking on those links, you could be taken to compromised Websites that download malware onto your computer. That malware could be used as a keylogger to retrieve all of your personal information, including passwords and other credentials; it could be used to download... [Read More]
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Generally, one would not think of the CES show in Las Vegas as having an impact on the security market, but this year is different. Amidst the deluge of new product announcements, there appears to be a consistent theme - the Internet of Things is dawning. We stand at the cusp of a new era where anything and everything will be connected by an IP address. From connected cars to connected homes, wearable computers to WiFi-enabled toothbrushes - everything around us will soon be able to create and share data. So, what does this mean? For starters,... [Read More]
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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. As part of our ongoing support for NCSAM we have created a video for parents and children alike that can help everyone be a more educated internet user. See the video below about Internet Safety: [Read More]
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Last week Fortinet's vice president of Federal operations, Jeff Lake, participated in a webcast hosted by BreakingPoint Systems on cyber security and defense in depth. Other participants included Dennis Cox, BreakingPoint CTO, and Bruce Brody, managing partner and executive vice president of VISKO. As reported on the BreakingPoint blog, the team discussed the following points: Best practices for planning defense in depth The important role of training in securing your network How to break through the current "clique" of security professionals... [Read More]
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