Every quarter, Fortinet publishes a set of findings based on threat intelligence gathered from hundreds of Cyber Threat Assessments we have performed across the globe. This report provides analysis and insight into the threats we’ve experienced within certain industry segments and regions. This quarter’s report, published just this week, includes some interesting trends that every security professional ought to be reviewing in order to keep ahead of the ever-shifting threat landscape. Unprecedented Attack Volumes This past quarter,... [Read More]
by RSS Bill McGee  |  Sep 26, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
The threat landscape is in a constant state of evolution, and the arms race between cyberguardians and cybercriminals has been heating up dramatically over the course of the last year. An additional 20 billion IoT devices will be connected to the network by 2020, along with expansive growth in personal end user devices, forcing individuals and organizations to face an exponentially expanding attack surface bound to the borderless cyberspace. Fortinet’s Matti Blecher offers some perspective on this and how threat assessment can help.An interview... [Read More]
by RSS John Welton  |  Jun 15, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
This week Fortinet released its latest Threat Landscape Report - a collection of threats, attacks, and data collected from live production environments of all sizes and types. As part of our Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP), enterprises and organizations were given the opportunity to place one of Fortinet’s high-performance FortiGate NGFW appliances inside their networks to see just how many threats and attacks attempt to (or successfully) gain purchase inside their infrastructure. Some key findings in the report include: unexpected... [Read More]
by RSS Richard Henderson  |  Feb 25, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Fall is here, and with it crisp weather, warm spice-flavored drinks and the annual EDUCAUSE Conference. This conference brings together the best thinkers and doers in higher education and consistently delivers engaging, innovative content. It’s a must-attend show—and we’ll be there.   This year, one of the Program Domains is risk management. The EDUCAUSE website sums it up well: “IT organizations share accountability for managing institutional continuity of operations within an open and ever-shifting environment.... [Read More]
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Last month I talked about the essential nature of third-party auditing and pen testing. It's smart security policy, good business, and, more likely than not, a regulatory requirement. The problem, though, is that it tends to be pricey, time-consuming, and invasive. Fortunately, there's a solution that's free, non-invasive, and requires very little of your time: Let a security vendor do it. I know, I can hear the protests now. "I don't want to let some vendor bring their hardware and software on my network!" Or "How... [Read More]
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