Fortiguard’s behaviour-based system designed to identify new malware has detected a German targeted ransomware. We named it Herbst, a German word which in English means Autumn. Ransom NoteThe Herbst ransom note appears in German in a dedicated window from its own running process. It demands that a ransom be paid in bitcoin. We have also been able to determine the bitcoin address. Ransome note details are listed below:File encryption: AES 256 bitRansom Price: 0.1 Bitcoin or approximately USD $53.80 as of today.Bitcoin Address: 18uM9JA1dZgvsgAaeeW2XZK13dTbk1jzWqFigure... [Read More]
by RSS Rommel Abraham D Joven  |  Jun 03, 2016  |  Filed in: Security Research