As the number of connected devices on networks and subsequent threats increase at a rate that is practically immeasurable, many organizations are making the mistake of fighting fire with fire. They are meeting complexity with complexity -- a moment-to-moment tactical response that reduces their cybersecurity to an inefficient collection of vendors, protocols and operating systems. [Read More]
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Healthcare and IT are becoming increasingly intertwined as technology enables patient-centric care, more efficient hospital workflows, and greater visibility into effective treatment plans through data analytics. Moreover, as digital transformation initiatives take effect across industries, increased technical capabilities will be necessary to remain competitive. This exciting technical innovation in the healthcare space coincides with a higher volume of health-focused cyberattacks and a cybersecurity skills gap that has made it difficult to... [Read More]
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Today’s healthcare networks are intricate ecosystems of different networks comprised of a wide variety of connected devices and moving data, but they weren’t always this open. The industry as a whole has had to rapidly shift gears. Healthcare data now flows faster than ever, and it isn’t slowing down. As a result, the role of the healthcare chief information officer (CIO) has had to expand and adapt. As networks expand and connected devices permeate the healthcare landscape, the CIO will continue to play an increasingly important... [Read More]
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The non-profit Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) issues a semi-annual study on Trends in IT Security, which looks at what is happening in the security market and ways end users and channel firms should be adjusting to the new security reality. CompTIA interviewed 291 IT channel executives and professions in October 2014. Among the most notable findings is that nearly half of all channel firms (48%) say they do not get inquiries from clients or take action as a result of major security breaches. At least one in three channel... [Read More]
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A recent Lightspeed GMI/Fortinet found that IT decision makers are under increasing pressure from the boardroom to secure the enterprise. The pressure, along with a host of new security threats, means they have some real challenges ahead. The 2014 Fortinet Security Census, recently conducted by Lightspeed GMI, surveyed 1610 IT decision makers (ITDMs) from a range of large companies in 15 countries around the world. There is a lot to unpack from the survey that dove into perceptions of enterprise security challenges, but the bottom line is that... [Read More]
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