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There was an intriguing post over at KrebsOnSecurity last week that involved the site tracking down the Russia-based author of a tool designed to help cyberthieves evade fraud detection systems. (Yes, such tools certainly have legitimate IT purposes, but that's not how this tool was being positioned and sold.) The point of the Krebs piece was how relatively easy it was to find this guy, despite the targeted one doing a decent job of keeping quiet. But there's a much more frightening point for security and IT people in general: Cyberthieves... [Read More]
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Happy Saturday! The week is finally coming to an end and in an effort to make the game of catch-up a little easier on you, we have collected some of the biggest news stories right here. The FCC's Net Neutrality suit has been shot down in a court of appeals This is big deal, to say the least. Not only does this ruling hold some significant implications for the future of how we access media over the internet, it also means we will have less control over the channel all together. The Verge wrote a very frank article on the topic here. Amazon... [Read More]
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