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Black Hat US 2016 Wraps Up     Once again, Black Hat US 2016 was held in Las Vegas in the huge Mandalay Bay resort conference center. This is the biggest Black Hat event of the year, and for sure the largest computer security conference as well. In fact, this year it broke its attendance record as its largest USA show in Black Hat’s 19-year history. To give you a better picture, we are talking about more than 15,000 of the most security savvy professionals gathering from all over the world. I spent some time wandering... [Read More]
by RSS David Maciejak  |  Aug 16, 2016  |  Filed in: Security Research
As the major data breaches affecting healthcare organizations continue and new security concerns around the "Internet of Medical Things" emerge, the presence of healthcare IT professionals at Black Hat is timely. It’s becoming clear that we’re quickly moving into a much more dangerous environment for healthcare where security needs to be top of mind. Jonas Tichenor talked to Fortinet’s senior systems engineer for healthcare, Robert Marcoux, earlier today about Black Hat, healthcare, and our ability to mitigate... [Read More]
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This year’s Black Hat keynote speaker, Jennifer Granick, gave her talk to applause yesterday rather than the boos and/or skepticism that have greeted other recent speakers. In a nutshell, she delivered a powerful call to action to preserve the hacker ethic, keep the Internet open, and make way for innovation and the hands-on exploration she called tinkering.  At the same time, she was clear that security is critical to this openness and to building safe places that respect and protect our privacy. It was a great message and interesting... [Read More]
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When The Pwnie Awards, aka the Oscars of security research, unveiled this year’s nominees on July 22, 2010, we were excited to discover that Fortinet researchers Guillaume Lovet and Haifei Li were nominated in the category of “Most Innovative Research” for their paper “Adobe Reader's Custom Memory Management: A Heap of Trouble.” “Most Innovative Research” is awarded to the person(s) who published “the most interesting and innovative research in the form of a paper, presentation, tool or even a mailing list post”. Guillaume and... [Read More]
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