According to research, nearly half (40 percent) of people in the U.S. and the U.K. have fallen victim to an online account being hacked, a password stolen, or personal information being compromised. Stats like these have many industries, like banking, scrambling for ways to batten down the hatches when it comes to protecting sensitive customer data. In fact, the frustration banks have experienced by thieves stealing personal data from millions of customers has prompted swift action, as many of the largest entities (like Bank of America and Wells... [Read More]
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This is a Guest Blog by Jessica Carol Staying under the radar is about to become even harder with tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. beginning to show a greater interest in facial recognition. Rather than letting them simply pick the technology off the shelf and use it in an unregulated environment, the US Department of Commerce will work with them, along with the privacy advocates, to draft a voluntary code of conduct of the use of products that use this technology. The privacy advocates, however, are not convinced about letting... [Read More]
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It is that time of year again when Fortinet's FortiGuard labs reveals their top threat predictions for the coming year. Below you will find a visual outline of our threat predictions. For the full report please see our Top 10 Threat Predictions for 2014 [Read More]
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The wizards at the Chaos Computer Club have publicly claimed to have defeated Apple's new TouchID sensor on the new iPhone 5s. Watch the short video they've posted online to start: So, how did they do it? They started with a fingerprint on glass, then using the superglue vapour method (which has been around a long time, and often used by law enforcement), were able to augment the print enough to allow it to be photographed at high resolution. After some image manipulation on the computer, the "cleaned up" print was then printed at a high... [Read More]
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A lot has been said in the just-over-a-day since Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5S with their new Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Let's take a look at what we know so far: A lot of people online are saying that Apple's implementation of Touch ID is something new and fresh, and likely hard to defeat. I don't believe this is the case, and based on a lot of comments I'm seeing online on stories, they're missing something critical here: Apple did not announce the ability to scan sub-dermally. They announced the ability to scan sub-epidermally. What's... [Read More]
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