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One of the biggest security challenges organizations face is being able to see enough of the network to identify today’s most advanced, multi-vector threats. Ideally, you need to be able to see across the distributed network, including cloud deployments and devices from multiple network and security vendors, correlate detected local activity with global threat intelligence and expected behaviors, and coordinate a response across the entire portfolio of installed security solutions. [Read More]
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SPSS is one of the most widely used statistical analysis packages in the world. It was first released in 1968 and gained considerable traction among social sciences researchers. It grew steadily in popularity, especially among academics, but when IBM bought SPSS in 2009, the company made substantial inroads with business customers looking to add predictive analytics to their capabilities. Bottom line, SPSS users are often dealing with a lot of valuable intellectual property, from proprietary research to big data. This is what makes the vulnerability... [Read More]
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Today we announced the availability of the first firewall to cross the 1 Terabit per second threshold. That's 1 trillion bits, or 1 with 12 zero's after it (1,000,000,000,000). But why is it needed now and why is it important? The way we do business has changed, and the threat landscape along with it. Mobile computing, public and private cloud services, social media, everything-as-a-Service, and Big Data. These trends mean the firewall cannot become a bottleneck, and the bar has to constantly be raised higher and higher. The new FortiGate-5144C... [Read More]
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Generally, one would not think of the CES show in Las Vegas as having an impact on the security market, but this year is different. Amidst the deluge of new product announcements, there appears to be a consistent theme - the Internet of Things is dawning. We stand at the cusp of a new era where anything and everything will be connected by an IP address. From connected cars to connected homes, wearable computers to WiFi-enabled toothbrushes - everything around us will soon be able to create and share data. So, what does this mean? For starters,... [Read More]
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(This is a continuation from last week, in which we discussed the distinction between big data and security and how they intersect. ) Most know that the there is often a big disparity between theory and reality. And nowhere is that more evident than when big data and security solutions conflict. In fact, big data concepts often translate to challenges when given practical applications. Let’s look at a few examples provided by Ryan Potter, Fortinet director of security strategy. The Challenges of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Starting... [Read More]
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Big data and network security? Safe to say, the two disciplines produce very different schools of thought among IT professionals. Yet at the same time, the two distinct arenas are increasingly used in tandem to bolster organizations’ security infrastructure and overarching security posture. Network security professionals would just as well lump big data under the all-inclusive umbrella of network data in need of protection. Meanwhile, just as pervasive, an opposite response often gives undue deference to the value of big data with over-engineered... [Read More]
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It's no secret that these days, most organizations are up to their ears in Big Data--and most can't get rid of it fast enough. (Just think tens of millions of computers, housing every piece of data imaginable, from credit card and band records, to healthcare information and blue prints, ripe for the picking in a veritable digital wasteland.) Consequently, business intelligence and analytics, especially with the aim of conducting some type of information triage, is becoming a booming business as organizations madly scour their systems to shed their... [Read More]
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