Just take a look at the latest news headlines and you’ll get a strong picture of just how pervasive and, in many ways, elusive the world of cyber security has become. Each week it seems there are reports of new, more insidious attacks. So the idea of “knowing your enemy” isn’t simply a catchy phrase for the team that I now have the privilege of working with. They are called the FortiGuard Labs and when I started at Fortinet just six weeks ago, I quickly realized they are this company’s best-kept secret. Let’s be clear, FortiGuard isn’t... [Read More]
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If you're a small to mid-size Enterprise, you have seen the headlines about increasingly advanced, and targeted, attacks but you may not be sure how to protect your network and data. Or you might be thinking you're too small to attract targeted attacks. Or even if you may be a target you think you can't afford to deploy Next Generation Firewalls. Today, Fortinet announced the availability of the new FortiGate-300D and 500D. These new models extend our top-rated NGFW line, setting a new level in affordability and threat protection with 5x Next Generation... [Read More]
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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the VB conference, the organization set out to honor some of the most influential security researchers of the past decade. The VB2010 Awards included six categories: greatest contribution to the anti-malware industry, greatest contribution to the anti-spam industry, best educator in the anti-malware industry, most innovative idea in the anti-malware/anti-spam industry, lifetime achievement, and, finally, best newcomer. Guillaume Lovet, senior manager, threat response team for FortiGuard Labs and technical... [Read More]
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At next week's Virus Bulletin VB2009 conference in Geneva, four members of the FortiGuard Global Security Research Team will be among the experts sharing their expertise on the topic of anti-malware. This is the fourth consecutive year that members of Fortinet's seasoned research team have been on the roster of the event, which is in its 19th year. Only 38 of more than 160 proposals were selected by the VB2009 committee for this year's conference program. That said, here are the presentations to check out: "Fighting cybercrime: technical, juridical... [Read More]
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