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Investigating on Pawn Storm for iPhone

Recently, a new malware for iOS devices was discovered apparently part of the Pawn Storm operation... have iOS 7.1 or more, double check your iPhone even if it is not jailbroken because this malware... capability of turning it on. If you are running iOS 8, you will certainly also notice an application... named 'XAgent' on your iPhone. This icon is hidden on iOS 7.x, using the tweak below, but... it does not work on iOS 8. <key>SBAppTags</key> <array>

iOS Malware Does Exist

easy to see why someone might opt for an iPhone. But, users beware. Don't write off iOS as the secure... referenced, "a toxic hellstew", iOS is not immune. Before somebody asks me (again) whether there are... any iOS malware or not, I decided to consolidate the information for you. Hope this helps you, and... keeps your (i-) phones secure :) Name Discovery date Presumed origin Devices Type iOS... USA Jailbroken Spyware iOS/Eeki.A!worm Nov 2009 Australia (Ashley Towns) Jailbroken Worm

Are iOS and Android vulnerable to the Shellshock bug?

about it for 20 years?", "Are iOS and Android vulnerable?"... While here at FortiGuard Labs, we have... impacted, and that it includes MacOS X, iOS, and Android. It was later demonstrated that MacOS X... connecting the dots regarding iOS and Android. This is surprising, since to most of us, our mobile...) package. Fig 1. Bash package in Cydia on iPhone (iOS 7) - Note this is the patched version... Bash. For example: Fig 2. Bash on jailbroken iPhone 5 running on iOS 7 Further tests show that

Tumblr Password Snafu Could put you at Risk

their iOS app wasn't using SSL to pass login and password details when their users were logging in... for iOS, please make sure you head to the AppStore and download the updated app as well to fix the insecure login issue.

Insomni'hack 2015

on iOS?', I decided it was time I specifically addressed the question. I think I made my point... that malware for iOS do exist, even on non jailbroken phones, but they are rare. And the latest... PawnStorm iOS malware we reversed (live during the talk ;) has something strange about it: partially

What Do the New Features in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Mean For Privacy and Security?

versions of their OS X desktop and iOS mobile operating systems. With this announcement came a long list... both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite become publicly available. To Apple's credit, they've come a long way... fantastic white paper earlier this year, entitled iOS Security. The document does a very good job of... explaining many key security features in iOS devices and how they operate. Apple also released some... accessible to you via your iOS and your Windows devices. Other cloud-based file storage solutions like

Apple Delivers Security Double Whammy

browser and iOS platforms. On Monday Cupertino issued an update for its Web browser that patched a... WebKit, the framework used to render pages in its Web browser Safari, iOS and numerous other... Apple plugged more than 80 security holes with the release of iOS 5.1 for the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S..., as well as iPod touch, iPad and iPad 2 last week. The new iOS 5.1 update, available for the iPhone... program Siri, recently introduced on iOS devices. Specifically, the update addressed a design flaw in

Github Adds 2FA

, iOS and Blackberry 10), Duo Mobile and Windows 7 Phone's Authenticator. Fortinet's FortiToken Mobile... application for both Android and iOS can also be used as a third-party TOTP soft token (for services

Hacktivity 2013: Keynotes

change, so keep an eye on that one. Charlie also explained why, in his view, iOS was more secure... about that for years, and I think part of his answer is correct. iOS uses code signing, whereas... the whole process. As a result, for instance, Apple end-users regularly update their iOS, whereas

Insomni'hack iOS challenges

which contains an iOS application and 'a copy of folders on the device' (iExplorer path... have a look at the iOS application. The .ipa format is a Zip file, that we unzip.  In the... a mixture of the word Blackhat in there. With IDA Pro, we disassemble the iOS executable to learn