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CryptXXX Ransomware Emerges For a Slice of the Pie

  Introduction Recently, a new variant of the ransomware family named CryptXXX has begun..., the disassembled code is visible. However, there are no APIs in the import table. Instead, CryptXXX.... CryptXXX gets its public encryption key from the C&C, and use an AES_256 encryption algorithm to... provide a personal ID to sign in. Figure 10 Decryption Service Conclusion CryptXXX is

FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Roundup

variants of CryptXXX Ransomware, which is now manifesting itself in executables as well. Clearly

Ransomware to hit $1B in 2016

notoriety, including CryptXXX, Locky, Fsociety Locker, Cerber and CryptoWall. This trend is unlikely slow