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There's Something About Angler - Flash Zero-Day FAQ

Angler/Flash 0-day FAQ Version 1.1 - Friday, January 23 15:45PST This document will be... updates.   What is Angler? The Angler Exploit Kit (EK) is a toolkit used by malware... wild of Angler EK which was leveraging three vulnerabilities in Adobe's ubiquitous Flash Player... a signature to detect the new version of Angler EK that contains this 0-day. Development, testing... a customized IPS solution to detect and block this latest version of Angler EK, FortiGuard Labs is

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exploit kits such as Angler or Nuclear, it is one of the more 'stable' EKs in terms of its near

Threat Bars Lowered, Danger Raised: Using FortiClient to Address This New Security Dynamic

acquire an exploit kit like Angler, Neutrino, or RIG, stitch it together with off-the-Darknet-shelf

FortiGuard Labs - Global Healthcare Threat Telemetry for Q4 2016

Angler (16%), Neutrino (12%) and other less popular exploit kits at 3%. Most of these exploit kits are...:

RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2016, and Some Thoughts

also talked about case studies of several attacks, namely, the Angler Exploit Kit, an SSH Brute

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latest incarnations of ransomware: The use of exploit kits like Angler makes it much easier for

Threat Intelligence Sharing At Work: Cyber Threat Alliance Tracks CryptoWall Version 3

kits, likely owing to their flexibility and power. The Angler exploit kit, the number one crime-kit to

Unique Perspectives on the Threat landscape of Today’s Healthcare Networks

method exposed and unique to healthcare was automated exploit kits such as Angler and Nuclear. These