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statement, seeing some of the Android malware samples I've analyzed recently, malware authors might... share that sentiment. In 2013, we saw the first Android botnet variant that used email as a means... Recipient Email Id Sender Email Account Status Android/Langya.A!tr.spy Aug, 2013 No... User account suspended Android/Secretspy.A!tr.spy Sept, 2013 No Account password... changed Android/Bankstel.A!tr.spy July, 2014 No Failure to sign in Android/Wroba.I!tr

A Wrap Up of ToorCon 19 at San Diego

, Dig Deep into FlexiSpy for Android at ToorCon 19. FlexiSpy for Android is a spy app with full IM..., Internet, applications, etc. In short, FlexiSpy can take full control of an Android mobile phone or... FlexiSpy Android spy app. I reviewed the leaked data and finished my deep analysis and reverse... spying features. Fourthly, I analyzed two IM spy cases of FlexiSpy for Android. One was for spying... on Skype for Android, and the other was for spying on WeChat for Android. We can see that the IM

Analyzing Android malware using a FortiSandbox

In this blog post we will analyze a couple of Android malware samples in the Android VM of the... the VM To run a given sample in the Android VM, you should log into the FortiSandbox, make sure... an Android VM is available, and then "Scan Input" / Submit a New File. Figure 1... Scan Samples analyzed: Name SHA256 Android/SpyBanker.DZ!tr... 6d4ece4c5712995af7b76a03b535a3eaf10fcdca20f892f8dc9bdaf3fa85d590 Android/Obad.A!tr

Clean for the phone, but not clean in the code

' marketplace for Android : Android/Odpa.A!tr.spy This sample consists of a smartphone cleaner, giving...: Android/Mseg.B Android/GoldenTouch.A Android/Apperhand.AA Android/Mseg.L Adware/Umeng.W Although... IMEI Run shell commands (Runtime.exec) Send HTTP POST requests Use Umeng Android/Mseg.B Yes Yes... Yes Yes Yes Yes Android/GoldenTouch.A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Android/Apperhand.AA Yes Yes

Alligator at GreHack

had yet spotted: Adware/Geyser!Android. The number has now increased with the discovery of Riskware.../Zdchical!Android and Riskware/SmsCred!Android. The former leaks the IMEI and IMSI to a remote server... improve our surveillance techniques on Android marketplaces and spot the most suspicious samples in

1,000 malicious Android samples per day

. Evolution of malicious Android samples. Light blue curve is the number of known Android samples in our... databases. Dark blue line is the average number of new Android samples we received per day. Yes, we... currently have over 150,000 Android samples, and they currently come in at a rate of 1,000 malware.... For example, recently, we detected Android/Smsilence.A!tr.spy, which was targetting Japanese and...: Android/BadNews was downloaded - and probably installed - millions of times. On the contrary, we

Uninstallable : Android/SMSZombie

While going through our regular (and never-ending) supply of malicious Android samples, we came... across an interesting variant a couple of days back. Like most Android Trojans these days, the piece of... a notorious reputation after having infected 500,000 Android users in China. The Trojan comes in... the form of wallpaper application package files (APKs), detected as Android/SMSZombie.A!tr, that... misleadingly named a33.jpg, as an image file, but is, in fact, an APK. We detect it as Android

Android malware distributed by malicious SMS in France

Another Android malware is currently in the wild in France, as we have recently discovered. This... a remote server. We have named it Android/Fakelash.A!tr.spy. Contrary to many Android malware... from 10052 saying "For proper function of your device, please download the new ANDROID Flash update... at this link:". Victim complaining of infection by Android/Fakelash.A... Flash Player update or sending spam to get promote the malware is relatively common. On Android, it is

ShmooCon 2011 Debriefing

. Good news! I was however slightly surprised they all concerned Android (apart from mine, on Symbian...). It is true Android platforms are predominant in hacker communities. I feel it is nonetheless... important to remind the latest statistics on the matter: In the U.S., Android phones come third (19..., Android phones (6%) are still way behind Symbian (54%), iPhones (19%), Windows Mobile (11%), RIM (8...%) (source: ComScore) In Asia, I had more difficulties finding statistics, but it looks like Android comes

SSL VPN with FortiClient Lite for Android

The following video clip instructs users how to setup FortiClient Lite on Android devices. The... Android and FortiGate devices. FortiClient Lite Android was released from beta in December 2011 and...:// Alternatively, users may ask questions directly from their Android