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Take it Easy, and Say Hi to This New Python Ransomware

A new ransomware variant, named “Fsociety Locker” (“Fsociety ALpha 1.0&rdquo... “Mr. Robot” fans, as the name “Fsociety” refers to the fictional group of... instructions like? Fsociety has also implemented several new dangerous features in this release, most.... What Files Does Fsociety Encrypt? The first thing ransomware has to do is to sneak into your... system and find files to encrypt. Fsociety does a broad search through volumes “C:\” to

Ransomware to hit $1B in 2016

notoriety, including CryptXXX, Locky, Fsociety Locker, Cerber and CryptoWall. This trend is unlikely slow

Why Mr. Robot Still Works...And Why It's Sending A Timely Message

group like fsociety. Maybe it will be a nation-state. We know that nations are already cross