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There’s been a lot of chatter lately in the media about the new flame malware. The FortiGuard team has created a Q&A document to give customers information on what flame is, how it acts and how they’re protected from it. Q: I have been reading about the new flame malware in the media recently. What is it exactly? A: At a high level, flame is a fairly lightweight (20MB) virus that was first detected by Kaspersky Lab last Monday. The malware appeared to have gained traction on hundreds of targets in the Middle East, particularly Iran, Syria... [Read More]
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Maybe it was something in the water, but the last week of May was indeed a week of extremes--from the biggest threat on record to the tiniest Trojan to an unusual and completely unexpected act of transparency from Apple. Here's what the security landscape looked like for May 29-June 1. Flame Ignites Fire In Security Community: It might be hard to imagine a an attack that can outpace unprecedented targeted threats such as Stuxnet and Duqu. But last week, the emergence of the Flame virus on the security landscape put them all to shame. The... [Read More]
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We have seen reports of the Flame malware all over the security industries. Some say that it’s been around for a couple of years now but nobody took notice of it. It is also said that it is one of the most advanced threat almost similar to Stuxnet and Duqu (the Flame malware is also known as Skywiper). Flame has several components copied to the %system32% folder. They are designed to perform several tasks (we currently detect this malware and its components as W32/Flame.A!worm and W32/Flame.A!tr). Several reports indicate that it is capable... [Read More]
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Cybercrime was thwarted a bit during the last full week of May, with arrests that ranged from an alleged high profile cybercriminal to a small time hacker. And researchers possibly found a way to combat a major SSL spoof that plagued several CAs last year. Here's a look at May 21-25 in security. Facebook Malware On The Loose: Perhaps not surprising in light of the social networking giant’s recent IPO, malware is circulating on Facebook, reeling in victims by asking them innocuously if they want to terminate their accounts. As typical of phishing... [Read More]
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Safe enough to say, the recently introduced Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, also known as CISPA--now making its way through the U.S. Senate--has generated enough controversy to place itself squarely into the proverbial hornet’s nest over the last several months regarding its consumer information sharing policies. If enacted, CISPA, which passed in the House of Representative with a sizeable majority, aims to accelerate the free flow of confidential information shared between the U.S. government, technology companies and... [Read More]
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Since the dawn of the personal computer, the words “teenage” and “hacker” have often been inextricably linked. And classic films such as "Hackers," "Sneakers" and "Wargames," –not to mention one of the greatest hackers in pop culture Ed from the anime “Cowboy Bebop”-- about young hackers who find themselves in precarious situations involving government and espionage operations, serve to reinforce images of brilliant, misunderstood youth who in the end use their computer acumen to fight the bad guys and save the day. But, as... [Read More]
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Denial of service attacks seemed to define last week, although surprisingly, not all of them appeared to be sourced to a certain global hacker collective. Meanwhile, tech giants Apple and Google made the security landscape a bit safer with an array of updates, and the first U.S. Cyber Czar is bowing out of government service. Here's a look at May 14-18. Apple Plugs Array of Holes With Serial Updates: Apple was busy plugging holes last week, and kicked off the week by addressing a few flaws in its aging operating system Leopard (Mac OS X... [Read More]
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For most organizations, regardless of industry, forming strategic partnerships are critical in achieving objectives. In the case of security organizations, partnerships are vital for better sharing and disseminating threat information, disrupting malware and tracking down cybercriminals and handing them over to appropriate law enforcement channels for prosecution. The FortiGuard team at Fortinet, for example, has partnerships with organizations such as VirusTotal, an independent online service that analyzes files and URLs in an effort to aid the... [Read More]
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Updates, upgrades and patches, oh my. The week of May 7-11 was indeed a week of major patches from some of the biggest players. The good news is, many of the most popular OSes, Web browsers and applications are now a tad more secure. Here is a look at last week's security news. Patch Tuesday Delivers Three Critical Updates: For its regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday security update, Microsoft released a total of seven bulletins, three designated with the highest severity rating of “critical,” repairing a total of 23 vulnerabilities in Microsoft... [Read More]
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In recent weeks, virtualization giant VMware has been scrambling to release security patches for an ESX server hypervisor source code leak that was published in April and allegedly perpetrated by a hacker from the global collective Anonymous. The recent patch repaired critical vulnerabilities that could have enabled an attacker to execute malicious code remotely on the host and leave an end-user’s virtualized environment susceptible to a compromising cyber attack. Among other things, the incident called into question the security of virtualized... [Read More]
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