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When it comes to protecting patient information and proprietary medical research, the healthcare industry faces significant cybersecurity challenges every day. The adoption of new medical technology—including electronic health records (EHRs), online patient portals, connected devices and wearables—offers improved patient care and convenience. However, it also creates greater opportunity for attack. Of all the industries affected by advances in cybercrime techniques, healthcare providers continue to be at high risk. That’s because... [Read More]
by RSS Derek Manky  |  Feb 09, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology, Industry Trends
In this blog post, I’d like to zero in on what we’re planning around the Agile Security theme. In two subsequent blog posts, I’ll expand on our Advanced Security and Mobile Security-Managed Security Services themes. [Read More]
by RSS Ronen Shpirer  |  Feb 07, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
Learn about the keynote sessions being delivered at Fortinet’s Accelerate conference, and the key takeaways for IT professionals across verticals. [Read More]
by RSS Mike Morgan  |  Feb 06, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
Fortinet cloud security is now available across all five major cloud providers. We’re excited to announce that our flagship FortiGate virtual machine is now available for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through the Cloud Launcher marketplace. [Read More]
by RSS Warren Wu  |  Feb 05, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
With this latest NGFW innovation in place, Fortinet has once again widened the performance and security gap between our closest competitors and us. And our ongoing commitment to an engineering-driven architectural approach to security ensures that this gap will only continue to widen, ensuring that customers always have access to the cutting edge security tools they need to enable their continued success in the new digital economy. [Read More]
by RSS John Maddison  |  Feb 05, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
The use of Shadow IT is increasing thanks to SaaS. Learn the risks that shadow IT poses to financial services firms, and how to mitigate them. [Read More]
by RSS Nirav Shah  |  Feb 02, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
To cut to the chase, the technical features of Fortinet solutions are only half the story when it comes to the Fortinet Security Fabric's unmatched ability to deliver managed security services. Its secret sauce for managed security services providers (MSSPs) is really about adaptability, integration, and automation, as expressed through six properties of Fortinet-based managed security solutions. [Read More]
by RSS Stephan Tallent  |  Jan 30, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
Both Australia’s Mandatory Notifiable Data Breach legislation and the EU’s GDPR are shining a spotlight on state-of-the-art data security technoloies and strategies to help Australian organisations stay strong in an increasingly digitized world. [Read More]
by RSS Jon McGettigan  |  Jan 29, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology
At one time, we were challenged to ask not what our country could do for us but what we could do for our country. It is time that the leading organizations in digital technology come together once again to ask the same. [Read More]
by RSS Phil Quade  |  Jan 29, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology, Industry Trends
While cloud computing enables medical research, it also brings security concerns. Learn the top considerations for securing medical research in the cloud. [Read More]
by RSS Susan Biddle  |  Jan 26, 2018  |  Filed in: Business and Technology, Industry Trends