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In this month’s Network World Security Landscape video podcast, reporter Keith Shaw speaks with Fortinet’s Derek Manky on trends he saw at this year’s RSA tradeshow, a new Claco cross platform botnet that’s migrating from the smartphones to PCs, the recent Evernote hack and the recent trend of companies migrating to two factor authentication. [Read More]
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A new survey of industry experts from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) finds data breach and data loss at the top of nine critical threats to cloud security. Cloud computing is more mainstream among businesses and government now than ever before. CSA’s “The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013” report details the development of the cloud service model and how it delivers business-supporting technology more efficiently. The shift from server to service-based thinking is transforming the way technology departments think about,... [Read More]
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The keynote speakers have gone home, the parties have ended, and another RSA Conference 2013 is over. By all reports, this year set records for attendance and business conducted. With a complex and evolving threat landscape and the accelerating adoption of disruptive technologies, exhibitors had a field day on the show floor with sophisticated releases that vied to differentiate in the burgeoning security markets. The themes of the conference – and the multitude of product releases -- fell into two distinct camps. Here is a quick overview: Advanced... [Read More]
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Fortinet has earned three NSS Labs’ coveted “Recommend” ratings by delivering outstanding enterprise management, security effectiveness and TCO in three group tests: 2013 Next Generation Firewall 2013 Network Firewall 2012 Network Intrusion Prevention NSS Labs put the FortiGate-3600C, FortiGate-800C and FortiGate-3240C appliances through extensive real-world tests and awarded each the “Recommend” rating for providing “a very high level of protection, manageability and value for money.” These awards are a big deal for several reasons.... [Read More]
by RSS Patrick Bedwell  |  Mar 05, 2013  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
In case you haven’t seen it, there’s an interesting research note authored by Greg Young of Gartner that posits “one brand of firewall is a best practice for most enterprises.” And, in particular we have to agree. Why? Let’s go back to 1999 and see. Taking a quote from Bruce Schneier’s, _A Plea for Simplicity, “the worst enemy of security is complexity.” Thirteen years later, Gartner also seems to agree; saying basically that having different firewall platforms increases configuration and management problems. In Greg’s report,... [Read More]
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46 security vendors were tested and only 3 were able to detect and mitigate the infected malware. Did you know Fortinet is 1 of the 3 vendors able to detect and mitigate it. Article Link: [Read More]
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Perhaps it had been too long since Twitter was the center of the public attention. Drama junkies were treated to a triple-whammy of cyber news this week when miscreants hacked into the Twitter accounts of Jeep, Burger King and none other than the global hacker collective Anonymous. In an ironic twist of plot, the infamous hacker group’s Twitter account was apparently overtaken by rival hacktivists, according to the BBC. All in all, the hacks appeared to be intended to shock users and cause mischief, not steal corporate or customer data. All... [Read More]
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The forward drive and accompanying expense found in the integration of existing systems and infrastructure with new technologies is placing pressure on organizations to rethink network security strategies. Increasing complexity of both IT and physical security requirements, observes Frost & Sullivan in its “Analysis of the Global Managed Security Services Market” (Feb. 2013), is driving a shift toward outsourcing security to managed security service providers (MSSPs). In terms of physical security, Frost & Sullivan finds most organizations... [Read More]
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Affected Software Could Allow an Attacker, Who Successfully Exploits These Vulnerabilities, to Run Malicious Code on the Affected System SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 20, 2013 ― Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) − a world leader in high-performance network security – today announced the company’s FortiGuard Labs has identified critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe Shockwave Player. Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs consist of over 175 researchers and analysts world-wide, working to discover, monitor and help protect against breaking threats. Since... [Read More]
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During his State of the Union address On February 12, 2013, President Obama announced an Executive Order that pertained to Cyber Security and information sharing. He stated the need for better protection against hackers, including foreign countries that have tried in the past to collect corporate and personal information. All Things D published the executive order in its entirety. Many have questioned whether this will have little, beneficial or detrimental effects on the network security industry. Below is a small sample of what a few industry... [Read More]
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