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At Fortinet we work hard every single day to build solutions that deliver world-class security with unparalleled value. Our teams of engineers, developers and specialists located across the globe work tirelessly to improve our current products and bring new technologies to market.

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The world of network security is one that continues to expand and grow at a break neck pace. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of security with what seems to be a never ending torrent of news about massive credit card thefts, breaches, and security incidents.

With that comes vendors in the sphere using fear, uncertainty and doubt to peddle their wares. Hype and incredible claims about the state of security seem to be the message of the day.

This is why we believe that independent, third party, quantifiable testing of network security products is critical to ensuring our customers and prospective customers have as much real data as possible to make an educated purchasing decision.

Late last week NSS Labs released their 2014 NGFW Comparison Report. We are ecstatic and proud to announce that our reviewed products received their coveted “Recommended” status.

Independent testing such as this allows a customer to determine a short list of products to bring in and test. In today’s landscape, the cost of deploying a substandard solution can cost your business a lot of time and money.

Thank you NSS Labs for your recommendation and your validation that Fortinet delivers highly effective NGFW security at extremely low cost per secured Mbps in the industry. We couldn’t be happier.

You can read the full NSS Labs report here:

by RSS Stefanie Hoffman  |  Sep 29, 2014  |  Filed in: Industry Trends