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The title of this post could be a nickname for the new breed of Internet worms that attack our networks today. Every new big worm or virus finds a more clever way to disseminate faster than his predecessors. But also the payloads are potentially more destructive, innovating on that side too… Does this have a direct relationship with faster computer power on the desktops and bigger bandwidth available? Of course! We are not reinventing the wheel, here. But there is another factor that is sometimes not taken into account: the growing population... [Read More]
by RSS Martin Hoz  |  Mar 19, 2009  |  Filed in: Security Research
I am sure if you have kids you will recognize this issue. Their friends come round, clutching laptops; we live in a modern age. Of course these friends just absolutely need to get online. That WPA2/TKIP solution and MAC filtering you just had to have is causing problems so "click, click, click" it's now WEP128 and you put the SSID and key on the fridge. Now everyone can be online, and they can leave you alone. Sometimes this security stuff can just get in the way of watching a good movie. Let's fast forward: you're an important guy, you're sat... [Read More]
by RSS Darren Turnbull  |  Mar 12, 2009  |  Filed in: Security Research