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The W32/Seftad RansomWare has been spreading for a few days now, locking infected computers and trying to extort money for a recovery password. The infection is easily recognized by the text message below, which is displayed when the computer starts up, or rather fails to start. Your PC is blocked. All the hard drives were encrypted. Browse www.safe-data.ru to get an access to your system and files. Any attempt to restore the drives using other way will lead to inevitable data loss !!! Please remember Your ID: 773923, with its help your sign-on... [Read More]
by RSS Doug Macdonald  |  Dec 14, 2010  |  Filed in: Security Research
Two of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs researchers will be on hand at next week's RSA Conference to present their research in the Fortinet booth theater (#2225). The presentations focus on ransomware and industrial spying, two hot topic areas that are on the minds of security professionals at enterprises today. Here is a bit of information: All Your Data Are Belong To Us Ransomware comes in many shapes and forms, with the most recent variation using malware masquerading as antivirus protection. The goal of an attacker is simple: cripple, lock down and... [Read More]
by RSS Rick Popko  |  Feb 26, 2010  |  Filed in: Security Research