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CryptoWall is another entry in the popular category of malware known as ransomware. This type of malware holds your data hostage by encrypting your files and then charging a ransom to decrypt the files. The malware displays a message informing the victim that their files have been encrypted and that they have a limited time to pay the ransom before the cost of recovery goes up. To maximize their anonymity, the malware authors use the TOR network and require the ransom to be paid in Bitcoins, a trend that we are seeing more and more often. Figure... [Read More]
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The year of 2013 was named as The Menace Year mainly because of the rampant CryptoLocker, a nefarious ransomware that encrypts user files and demands for a ransom to be paid in order to decrypt these files. And before CryptoLocker were the unfashionable scareware programs such as FakeAV, which used scare tactics in order to convince the user to purchase the full version of the software. It did not take long before this Windows-based experience was applied to the Android platform. In the middle of 2013, the first representative scareware named... [Read More]
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Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts usage of the device it infects, demanding a ransom from the end-user in order to regain control over the device. Now, the malware could actually damage/encrypt the system and the files on it or it could take the easier way out by merely giving a semblance of having performed these functions. Although in both cases, phone usage becomes difficult for the user Ransomware threats have been big on mobile phones this year - from the emergence of the first variant targetting iOS devices to the first Android... [Read More]
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Earlier this week, reports began to surface of iOS device owners in Asia, Australia and New Zealand being locked out of their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. A common thread among the many hit was a message from someone named "Oleg Pliss" demanding a "ransom" in order to unlock the device and make it usable again. In some cases reported, the ransom was payable to a specific PayPal account that was either closed or never existed... further chagrinning those tempted to pay up to get their device back. In other reports, victims were asked to use... [Read More]
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2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Cabir, the world's first mobile phone malware. To mark this occasion, Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs is taking a stroll down memory lane to examine the evolution and significance of mobile threats during the last 10 years. From Cabir to FakeDefend, the last decade has seen the number of mobile malware explode. In 2013, Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs has seen more than 1,300 new malicious applications per day and is currently tracking more than 300 Android malware families and more than 400,000 malicious Android... [Read More]
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FortiGuard's Global Security Strategist Derek Manky spoke with Network World's Keith Shaw late last week to discuss some hot topics in the threat landscape. Derek and Keith discuss at length BadBIOS, how it might work and where we may see it or other malware move in the near future. They also touch on the bug found in Supermicro IPMI that could allow low-level control of servers and wrap up with a discussion on the explosion of the Cryptolocker ransomware. Some more details on Cryptolocker and ransomware in general follows after the video link... [Read More]
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