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Derek Manky Speaks to Network World's Keith Shaw about the current trends in the threat landscape. Root kits Boot kits and the Internet of Things [Read More]
by RSS Michael Perna  |  Mar 19, 2014  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Recently, Proofpoint security researchers published two blog entries (part one and part two) that they have been observing a series of spam campaigns originating in more than 25 % of cases by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The compromised devices which were reported to send spam included "multi-media centers, televisions and at least one refrigerator". The first blog entry wasn't sufficiently detailed and raised several doubts. The second entry clarifies several points, though not all, so here's my intake on IoT. Are malware on Internet of... [Read More]
by RSS Axelle Apvrille  |  Jan 27, 2014  |  Filed in: Security Research
Happy Saturday! The week is finally coming to an end and in an effort to make the game of catch-up a little easier on you, we have collected some of the biggest news stories right here. The FCC's Net Neutrality suit has been shot down in a court of appeals This is big deal, to say the least. Not only does this ruling hold some significant implications for the future of how we access media over the internet, it also means we will have less control over the channel all together. The Verge wrote a very frank article on the topic here. Amazon... [Read More]
by RSS Michael Perna  |  Jan 18, 2014  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Generally, one would not think of the CES show in Las Vegas as having an impact on the security market, but this year is different. Amidst the deluge of new product announcements, there appears to be a consistent theme - the Internet of Things is dawning. We stand at the cusp of a new era where anything and everything will be connected by an IP address. From connected cars to connected homes, wearable computers to WiFi-enabled toothbrushes - everything around us will soon be able to create and share data. So, what does this mean? For starters,... [Read More]
by RSS UnAttributed  |  Jan 08, 2014  |  Filed in: Industry Trends