This year I again participated in the Insomni'hack conference held in Geneva, Switzerland. The conference started off with workshops, including mine on Android malware reversing - provided at cost. The workshop's virtual environment for reversing can be downloaded here from github. [Read More]
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You missed Insomni'hack? You shouldn't have: although there are now something like 700 attendees, it's still a friendly and well organized hacking conference with an interesting mix between wild hackers, CTOs, and CISOs (some being hackers and CISOs at the same time ;). As usual when there are several tracks, you end up with the difficult dilemma of which talks to attend. That's what happened to me when I had to choose between a talk on connected medical devices (close to my own research topics, but probably not very technical)... [Read More]
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Insomni'hack's CTF included iOS challenges, but also an Android challenge in two parts. The write-up of part 1 of the Android challenge can be found on SCRT's blog. It is quite complicated, but in the end, we get a decrypted filesystem with the flag for part 1, and an Android application to investigate for part 2 (download) 87f10242d7662a9cf8158bd85e4a17df9279a961f1d2a2e469cfd1be5501bfa1 ch.scrt.insomnidroid-1.apk According to the text of part 2, we are meant to find a way to buy movies without paying. The applications launches... [Read More]
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Insomni'hack's CTF included a couple of mobile challenges I was happy to look into. All could be solved with or without a mobile phone. iBadMovie part 1 We are given a zip file which contains an iOS application and 'a copy of folders on the device' (iExplorer path):   39836648 2015-03-07 00:26 iBadMovie.ipa 0 2015-03-12 15:12 iExplorer/ 0 2015-03-12 15:12 iExplorer/Documents/ 0 2015-03-12 15:12 iExplorer/Library/ 0 2015-03-12 15:12 iExplorer/Library/Caches/... [Read More]
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This year, I participated to Insomni'hack's CTF with the 3 other (remote) members of the pic0wn team. I'll address the challenges I personally solved in the next few posts: this post concerns a Web and a Forensic challenge, next post concerns iOS challenges. You'll see for yourselves that some challenges were really easy. To be perfectly honest, I found that some challenges were really _too_ easy, but the organizers' idea was that everyone should have fun, and I certainly agree with this, so after all... Alert: the following... [Read More]
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This year again, I was happy to participate to Insomni'hack, in Geneva. As in all other editions, questions at the end of my Symbian / Android talks had invariably been 'are there malware on iOS?', I decided it was time I specifically addressed the question. I think I made my point that malware for iOS do exist, even on non jailbroken phones, but they are rare. And the latest PawnStorm iOS malware we reversed (live during the talk ;) has something strange about it: partially works on stock iPhone but looks like it was implemented... [Read More]
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A few days ago, I was happy to go to Insomni'Hack. I presented some updates on how to detect hidden methods in Dalvik Executable files. But it's not my talk I want to discuss in this post, but Ange Albertini's "Angecryption". With Angecryption, you can basically encrypt anything into whatever you want (there are a few restrictions on input and output formats, but it's the general idea). Basically, Ange Albertini wrote a (Python) script to which you provide the input you wish, the output you wish and the key you wish. The script manipulates the... [Read More]
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Insomni'hack 2013 took place last week at Geneva and I had the opportunity to attend. Insomni'hack DAY 1 consisted of one day workshops on subjects ranging from "Linux exploitation" to "How to make sure your Pentest Report is never empty". I had the chance to attend a workshop on "Practical ARM exploitation" given by black Steve (@s7ephen) and white Steve (Stephen Lawler). We initially had trouble getting the Gumstix we were supposed to work on running due to the difference in voltage levels between the US and Europe (it's about time the world... [Read More]
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Last week we attended Insomni'Hack 2011, where our Crypto Girl (Axelle Apvrille) presented on mobile phone threats. Debriefing of the conference may be found here and there. Both blog authors highlighted the main goal of Axelle's talk, which was to raise awareness about existing threats on smartphones. Mobile phones had already been targeted for a long time (by application sending sms for instance) but since recently (approximately one year) it has been hit by more advanced attacks - probably with the help of cybercriminal organizations. Their... [Read More]
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