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Our recent blog posts have focused on malware, and more specifically ransomware, as a primary threat vector currently plaguing healthcare.  This week, we turn our spotlight on users and the challenges of coping with behavioral threats.  Scott Whyte, senior vice president of growth and innovation at ClearDATA, says that tactics like social hacking – for example, using popular social tools to impersonate a person of authority to convince users to divulge data – will become even more common. This points to an uncomfortable... [Read More]
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Everyone has heard how ransomware shut down the networks of several large healthcare providers this past year. To get their systems unlocked, these organizations paid huge ransoms to cybercriminals. Healthcare networks are notoriously vulnerable, and have been tagged by the media and security professionals as the preferred target for these sorts of attacks.That may be about to change. Fortinet research conducted over the past several months shows that manufacturing is likely to be the next industry specifically targeted by ransomware. In our latest... [Read More]
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The year 2015 saw an accelerated rate of change in healthcare security – and many of those changes were not encouraging. On one hand, the availability and usefulness of patient data has skyrocketed – good for healthcare providers but also lucrative for those seeking to use it for nefarious purposes. On the other, the sophistication of cyberattacks grew enormously, placing new pressures on IT administrators and healthcare leaders. Today, the experts at Fortinet have identified 3 fundamental rules of security: • Complexity... [Read More]
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Lately, healthcare has been making headlines due to an onslaught of ransomware attacks from viruses like TeslaCrypt and CryptoWall. As a result of many lucrative successes in extorting ransom payments, the industry has been rightly named the number one target of cyber criminals by several research groups. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Cyber criminals are looking to profit off of the traditionally soft target healthcare has presented due to its general lack of highly secure network and data center architectures. According to a malwarebytes... [Read More]
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Q: Why are conventional firewalls no longer enough? A: They never were to begin with. We caught up with Don Kopanoff at HIMSS 2016 to talk about the current state of security – and for him, it’s all about the rising complexity of threats. Last year, for example, upwards of 90 percent of identified viruses were unknown to the firewalls they infiltrated – meaning that if a firewall’s definitions aren’t aggressively updated, each passing day presents a new vulnerability. The increasing reliance on distributed... [Read More]
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Guest post by Brian Yeaman, Yeaman + Associates 2016 will be a lot like 2015 – a steadily escalating number of data breaches across healthcare requiring new solutions. We’re seeing now that many of the good things about medical-record portability – improved care, better patient relationships, efficiency – still create additional risks and the potential for breaches. One element in particular deserves mention, and that’s the continued focus on BYOD functionality. As users demand more device autonomy, IT teams are... [Read More]
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Twenty billion new connected devices in the coming year. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is growing massively. And so are the threats. Roger Bailey Healthcare Solutions Architect at Fortinet spoke with us at HIMSS 2016 about the emerging “Internet of Threats” – the exponentially expanding range of options for would-be hackers to infiltrate device-laden healthcare organizations. Among the most notable risk factors, he says, are “headless” devices – medical tools located on the network that can become... [Read More]
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When it comes to cyber security, the healthcare industry is vulnerable. Providers face substantial regulation around privacy and data security. And hackers have much to gain; recent stats put the black market value of healthcare records at 10 times that of credit card information. Consider these sobering statistics from the Identity Theft Resource Center: 35.5% of the data breaches reported in 2015 were in the Health/Medical sector. More than 110 million patient records [were] exposed in 2015. Potential vectors for a healthcare cyber attack... [Read More]
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You could call healthcare security breaches a rising epidemic.  According to Christopher Moynier, Healthcare Systems Engineer for Fortinet, it could “become a life or death situation.” Healthcare organizations today are uniquely vulnerable to insidious security threats. This is due in part to the extremely high value of their data, but it’s also because healthcare has lagged behind in security. For years, healthcare IT administrators have been pushed to adapt to new regulatory schemes and provide new functionality for providers... [Read More]
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