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Last month, researchers in Fortinet’s threat research division, FortiGuard Labs, discovered a vulnerability in MongoDB that would allow hackers to remotely crash the database application. Characterizing the vulnerability as “widespread”, the researchers successfully demonstrated a denial of service attack against legacy versions of the database that users could initiate remotely. MongoDB has quickly become the most popular NoSQL database in use today. NoSQL was developed to address the need to store and process unstructured... [Read More]
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BSides held its third annual conference in Vancouver, Canada. A successful event attended by local security researchers and whitehat hackers alike. A few delegates from other countries can also be seen hanging around. With lots of nice presentations loaded with mix topics as you will normally can see from other big conferences. Reversing Malware I personally have presented a talk about reverse engineering titled: “Malware Analysis in a Straightjacket”. I talked about some of varying techniques that the malware use in order to avoid... [Read More]
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Angler/Flash 0-day FAQ Version 1.1 - Friday, January 23 15:45PST This document will be updated and maintained as new or updated information becomes available. Continue to check this page for updates.   What is Angler? The Angler Exploit Kit (EK) is a toolkit used by malware authors and cybercriminals to deliver other pieces of malware. Typically these exploit kits are used in compromised websites that victims are guided to through links and phishing emails in order to infect victims.  What has happened? Noted malware... [Read More]
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Haiti may not be at the top of everyone’s dream vacation destinations, but attendees at this year’s Global Partner Conference can expect one heck of an experience. For 4 days next week, I’ll be joining hundreds of Fortinet partners on a cruise to Haiti. Yes, it’s going to be warm and sunny. As the January cold really sets in for most of the world, I’ll be applying sunscreen. Sorry. But it isn’t going to be all fun in the sun. The Fortinet product portfolio is extensive and the capabilities of our products are deep, to say the least.... [Read More]
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IDC is reporting again that Fortinet has the top market share in security appliances - This is great news for Fortinet researchers and customers alike. Here at Fortinet, we’ve been talking a lot about handoffs recently. Handoffs of data between modules in next gen firewalls, handoffs from advanced threat protection/detection tools like sandboxes to traditional firewalls, handoffs of threat intelligence between applications; you get the idea. When the parts of a security ecosystem can communicate intelligently, it’s no surprise that threats... [Read More]
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Fortinet recently sponsored an expert panel on cybersecurity at the Denver Biz Tech Expo - One takeaway? Security talks aren’t just for hackers anymore. Fortinet researchers participate in a lot of conferences. Many, like this year’s Hack.Lu in Luxembourg, are very much “for the cybersecurity community, by the cybersecurity community.” I loved one of the lines from Axelle Apvrille, a Fortinet senior antivirus analyst, in her writeup from the conference: This year's edition was quite classical - Windows/Linux reverse engineering/exploitation,... [Read More]
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Emerging threats have created some strange bedfellows in the Cyber Threat Alliance but the group’s work is critical to advancing security in an increasingly connected world. The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) has brought together some of the top names (and fiercest competitors) in enterprise security to address emerging challenges and the most serious, complex threats to organizations that the Internet has ever seen. The founding members, Fortinet, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec, have all committed to sharing threat information to better... [Read More]
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Just take a look at the latest news headlines and you’ll get a strong picture of just how pervasive and, in many ways, elusive the world of cyber security has become. Each week it seems there are reports of new, more insidious attacks. So the idea of “knowing your enemy” isn’t simply a catchy phrase for the team that I now have the privilege of working with. They are called the FortiGuard Labs and when I started at Fortinet just six weeks ago, I quickly realized they are this company’s best-kept secret. Let’s be clear, FortiGuard isn’t... [Read More]
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Every 60 seconds 47,000 applications are downloaded off the internet! Evidently, most of us don't think twice about downloading a song, widget, app, image or even malware. Downloading is so second nature to us that a popular phishing scheme thrives on our carefree downloading reflex. Say hello to Torpig. A "drive-by download" is when a website suddenly prompts you to do something, such as a "click here to close this ad." Many unsuspecting web surfers simply hit yes. Distributed mainly by drive-by download, the Torpig (or Sinowal) Trojan... [Read More]
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You have one new notification! Most people don't think twice about a message from a friend on instant messenger, a link to a funny video from a work colleague, or a USB drive with the latest family album. Most of us also assume the next best cat meme isn't going to offload our banking passwords to a remote server, hijack our system for DoS attacks, or hide all the files on our desktop. Unfortunately, Dorkbot does all of these things. Fortinet's threat research division, FortiGuard Labs reported a 0.98% increase in activity from Dorkbot just... [Read More]
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